Established 1988

Bazán Architects has projects located throughout the Pacific Northwest include housing, hospitality and healthcare facilities. Our clients range from individual homeowners to businesses, from non-profit community centers to private medical clinics. Our aim is to create beauty in design whether it’s a residential remodel or a multimillion dollar building complex.


Design matters

We believe that buildings influence our quality of life and in turn give life to our environment. We have a strong tradition of design that is sensitive to the multi-cultural people of the Pacific Northwest. We believe that with every project, our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint during design and construction.


Working with us

No matter the client or the budget, we strive to make the experience of working with an architect a pleasant and rewarding one. We will guide you from the earliest stages of pre-design through construction and move-in  to your completed facility. 

To put it simply, our job is to make your job easier. We do that through personal service, communication, and being flexible to the needs and wants of the client. One of our goals is to bring our projects in under budget. This allows our clients to reinvest the savings back into other aspects of the project. We delight in creating unique design solutions that solve challenges of the project. Bazán Architects is here to help bring your architecture project to life. Please let us know how we can help.