Building Envelope

Building exteriors age and need repair to not only prolong the life of the building, but repair projects also offer a chance to upgrade performance.

Sea Mar Puyallup, Puyallup, WA

Bazán completely restored the exterior of a 20-year old building that was leaking inside. We removed the existing siding and windows, repaired the structure, added new windows and a high tech rainscreen siding system, and provided a new, refreshed look to the building.

Ketchikan City Hall, Ketchikan, AK

Repairs to the exterior of Ketchikan City Hall (built in 1926) became an historic preservation project as the exterior is restored to its original design while also being upgraded to current structural and energy codes. With no records of what’s inside the walls, great care is required when holes are made in 80-year old concrete floors for a modern HVAC system. Ketchikan is one of the rainiest spots in the U.S., receiving 12 to 14 feet of rain every year, and protecting the building with a new roof designed to last 50 years is another important element of the gentle restoration of the town’s historic icon.