Bazán Architects

Practicing in Bellevue, Washington since 1988, Bazán Architects designs housing, hospitality, and healthcare facilities for private, commercial, and community service organizations all over the Pacific Northwest. Our clients range from individual homeowners and businesses to community centers and clinics. We aim to create beauty in functional buildings whether designing a tiny remodel or a $15 million building complex.

The buildings in our environment influence our quality of life for better or worse. Bazán Architects has a strong tradition of designing environments that are sensitive to the cultures of the users. When we create pleasing spaces out of simple materials, we meet community needs while also providing inspiration for people who may need reminding that they can reach for something more.

With every project, Bazán Architects’ goal is to reduce the carbon footprint (the gaseous emissions produced by human activities) during design and construction and to save energy used to operate the completed facility.

Working with us

Transparent. Humble. Dedicated. A few words describing our approach to practicing architecture. No matter the client or the budget, we strive to make the experience of working with an architect a pleasant and rewarding one. We will take you from the earliest stages of your project through move in to your completed facility. And after you’re in, we can help you monitor maintenance needs of the building.

Approachable. Our job is to make our clients’ jobs easier. We do that through personal service, communication, and being easy to work with. We love to bring our projects in under budget. This allows our clients to use the savings to upgrade other aspects of their project.

We delight in creating new and surprising design solutions that solve project challenges. Bazán Architects is here to help bring your architecture project to life. Please let us know how we can help.